You can’t spend a penny in Sligo!

It’s official, you just cannot spend a penny in Sligo Town.

Sligo‘s only public toilet is languishing in a warehouse, 135 miles away in Dublin, because members of Sligo Borough Council can’t make up their minds where to put it.

After countless meetings to decide where to put Sligo‘s first automatic public toilet, Sligo‘s councillors have voted on a number of locations to place the superloo, though each and every one of the suggestions have been poo poo-ed so to speak.

In the meantime, Sligo‘s taxpayers have forked out over €160,000 in rental fee’s for the ATP (Automated Public Convenience) which no one can use.

I think its a disgrace, that a town the size of Sligo, which is actively seeking people from oversea’s as well as from other parts of Ireland to visit, has no public convenience.

So if you are visiting Sligo, either go before you arrive or tie a knot in it.

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