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A view of Sligo Town from above

Sligo is the vibrant heart of the north-west of Ireland, believed to have been built on, or in the immediate vicinity of Ptolomy’s ancient town of Nagnata, on the banks of the Garavogue River, with strong evidence to suggest there has been a human settlement of one kind or another here for several thousand years.

Sligo got its name from the gaelic word Sligeach, which translates to Shelly River, due largely to the abundance of shellfish found in the waters surrounding the town.

Situated on the banks of the Garavogue River, Sligo Town connects Lough Gill to the Atlantic Ocean.

To the north of Sligo lie the King Mountains, which includes Truskmore and the instantly recognisable Benbulben which has become synonymous throughout the world with Sligo.

And to the west of Sligo, sitting majestically all on her own, is Knocknarea mountain, burial place of the mythical Queen Mauve and home of the annual Warriors Run.

The modern town of Sligo, the largest in the North West of Ireland, with a population of 19,452 people (official 2011 census figures), dates back to 1245 when Maurice FitzGerald erected a Castle somewhere in the vicinity of the present day Dominican ruin in Abbey Street.

With over 5,000 recorded archeological sites, the largest being Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery, has one of the richest concentrations of prehistoric monuments in Western Europe.

One of Irelands most famous literary figures was the poet, William Butler Yeats, whose family came from Sligo, and who inspired the young poet in many of his future works, drawn spiritually from the county’s scenic landscape and sense of place.

Benbulben - the iconic tourist image of Sligo William Butler Yeats is buried in Drumcliffe Graveyard, within the shadow of Benbulben mountain, and to the west of Sligo Town, the mythical Queen Maeve is said to be buried beneath the large stone cairn atop Knocknarea mountain.

Entertainment in Sligo Town Ireland

Sligo Town or as the Irish say Sligeach which means “abounding in shells” is the pride of west Ireland with it’s rich medieval history.

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Sligo town is well known as the “shopping capital of the North-West” with enough to keep even the most fanatical retail therapist happy. With no less than four shopping centres and retail parks, offering a pleasurable shopping experience, and offering a mix of excellent indigenous shops and well-known multi-national outlets.

County Sligo is widely regarded as one of Ireland‘s most beautiful scenic counties, with plenty to see and do, it’s easy to understand why so many people come back time-after-time.

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