About 8 miles north of Sligo Town lies the Dartry Mountain range, which includes the striking outline of Benbulben mountain, (co-ordinates 5422’N -828’W) which is known worldwide as the iconic symbol of Sligo.

This unusually-shaped mountain was created by glaciers during the ice age 3 to 4 thousand years ago, leaving an unforgettable shape carved into the landscape we see today.

The slopes of Benbulben are far too steep to ever consider building a road of any kind over the mountain, the only passing point is the small 3 mile wide coastal shelf, lying between Benbulben and the sea, so it stands to reason that this small passing point was the scene of many major battles in centuries gone by, which resulted in this particular piece of land being called the County of Contention.

The glaciers created during the ice-age also created large tracts in the rocks within County Sligo, one of which can be seen at The Glen, near to Culleenamore, just south of the seaside resort of Strandhill.

If you want to climb Benbulben, don’t ever consider attempting climbing from the north face, as this side is extremely dangerous due to the fact that this side bears the brunt of the high winds and storms that come in from the Atlantic Ocean.

If you climb Benbulben from the south side, it is a much easier climb as this side slopes up gently.

When you reach the summit you will be rewarded with magnificent views of The Yeats Country – The Land of Hearts Desire.

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