The Sligo Town Website is a “personal” website, belonging solely to local historan and businessman Chris Ridley, and is not connected in any way to any government-owned or privately-operated tourist bodies, or any other tourism sector business.

The photographs, text and the coding for the website have all been created by Sligo based local historian/website designer and full-time taxi owner/driver Chris Ridley,

Started in 2002, The Sligo Town Website, previously known as Sligo Town on the Net, started life as a personal crusade which aimed to promote Sligo Town as a possible holiday or weekend break destination.

However, most of the tourism-related elements of the original website design, accomodation listings, pub guide and whats on guide have now been discontinued, with the vacated space being filled with more history-based information about Sligo Town.

Over the past fourteen years, we have received numerous compliments about the website, both verbally from Sligo‘s locals and via e-mails, and on our on-line guestbook. Compliments have also come from customers in my taxi and viewers to the website. If it wasn’t for this encouragement I would probably have given it all up a long, long time ago.

The intention is to keep the website alive, with up to date information about Sligo Town and its environs, keeping the beauty of Sligo fresh in the minds of a worldwide audience.

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