Strandhill, (co-ordinates 54.2705 -8.60900) situated five and a half miles west of Sligo Town is a very popular seaside resort, and has become a mecca for surfing enthusiasts, with surfers taking to the waters almost every day.

WARNING! Swimming is forbidden at Strandhill Beach due to shifting sands and strong underwater currents, a number of people have unfortunately drowned from this beach in recent years.

Strandhill offers some splendid scenery and plenty to do.

Surfing is a big thing in Strandhill if you want to have a go yourself, there are a number of surfing schools, a surf shop and plenty of people willing to give you advise.

Nearby is the airport from which, across the runway, you can clearly see the remains of Kilaspugbrone church and graveyard.

Looking inland from the beach or “strand”, the skyline is dominated by Knocknarea, a very scenic sight indeed, and despite its appearance from the Strandhill side, it is a fairly easy walk from the Eastern side.

Strandhill beach is about a mile in length, where a lovely walk along the sandy shore can be had by walking southwards toward Ballysadare Bay.

During the summer months, dolphins and/or porpoises can sometimes be seen jumping from the waves at sea, and a number of whales have also, sadly, been beached on the sandbanks in Ballysadare Bay, the most recent being a 40 foot, ten ton, sperm whale, which died here in September 2006.

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