The Glen, (co-ordinates 54.2482 -8.57608) situated on the south facing slope of Knocknarea Mountain, is a remarkable chasm cut into the limestone rock, running almost three quarters of a mile into the mountainside.

The Glen can be entered by following the directions on the excursion to Knocknarea Mountain, but instead of turning up to the Knocknarea Mountain Car Park, keep going straight for half a mile or more, until you start going down a fairly steep bit of road overlooking the sea (or the sandbanks if the tide is out), look carefully for a small well surrounded by a low white wall, on the right-hand side of the road, when you find it, stop and park your car off the road as much as you can.

On the left hand side of the road, opposite the small well, you will see what appears to be a big clump of bushes, but if you look carefully you will see a small overgrown entrance guarded by a gate.

You would be well advised to wear wellington boots or some other form of foot protection in The Glen, as it can often be very wet and muddy underfoot.

Enter The Glen through the gate and walk until you find yourself in the middle of the chasm, with rock faces towering up to 60 foot high each side of you and the floor of The Glen being up to 70 foot wide.

It’s not a claustrophobic place, rather a quiet area of natural peacefulness and beauty.

It is believed that The Glen was probably formed by a glacier during the last ice age many thousands of years ago.

Inside The Glen you will find the wide variety of flora and fauna which make it a mecca for botanists from near and far.

You will see Sycamore, Beech, Scots Pine and Oak all flourishing in The Glen, alongside Hazel, Holly, Honeysuckle, Bramble Bushes, Ivy and extremely high ferns and nettles.

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