The Sligo Town website has now been on-line for over twelve years, in which time we have attained the incredible figure of one million to one-and-a-quarter million hits per year.

Internet marketing, also referred to as online marketing or E-marketing, is the marketing of products or services over the Internet, bringing many unique benefits to marketing including low costs in distributing information and media to a global audience. The interactive nature of Internet marketing, both in terms of instant response, and in eliciting response, are unique qualities of the medium.

Now is your opportunity to take advantage of this exciting global advertising medium by advertising on the Sligo Town website.

Your banner advert, could be seen by as many as one-and-a-quarter million visitors to this website every year for an exceptionally low cost.

Some websites may well charge you at a rate of cost per impression (CPI). This basically means that each time a page is loaded with your banner/advertisement on it you will be charged.

However, if you purchase a top-of-page banner advertisment which will be on the top of EVERY page on the Sligo Town website, you will be charged an annual fee of only €250 per year.

A cheaper alternative would be to purchase a bottom-of-page banner advertisment, which will appear on every page on the Sligo Town website for an annual set fee of only €150 per year.

In these times it pays to advertise online, making your business visable to a worldwide audience, vastly increasing your chances of greater sales.


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