A Group of Dublin protesters recently managed to become the most talked-about item on RTE’s News programme, for all the wrong reasons.

The above video was posted on YouTube by Mark Moloney who quips, “That Constance Markievicz was some fella…” He refers to demonstrator Tom D’arcy who spoke into camera saying: ” Ninety-seven years ago, people lost their lives in that park over there. Constant Markievicz gave up his life to enable us to eradicate suppression, taxation, eviction, criminality“.

A quick history lesson for Mr D’arcy:

  1. Constance Markievicz was female. In fact, she was the first woman elected to the British House of Commons (although, as a Republican, she did not take her seat) and the first woman to take a position in the Irish Cabinet.
  2. Constance Markievicz did not die in 1916. In fact, she lived until she was 59 and passed away in 1927 after being hospitalised for peritonitis. (She was imprisoned for a year after the Easter Rising though).

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