The former Bank of Ireland building

If you make your way to Gratten Street you will see an impressive looking building known as the former Bank of Ireland building.

This attractive six-bay three-storey brick and stone building was designed by architect Ralph Byrne and built in 1918, making an important contribution to the local streetscape.

It has been rumoured for many years that this building may be haunted by the ghost of a 30 year old Italian woman Rosa Di Lucia, who had been living in Sligo Town for only 2 years before she was savagely murdered in a bedroom above the ice cream and fast food premises which traded under the name of Macari and Co, which had existed on this site before the building of the Bank of Ireland building in 1916.

Rosa Di Lucia was brutally murdered on December 8th 1912, by her 30 year old husband Angelo Di Lucia, and 17 year old Ballymote girl Jane Reynolds who had been having an illicit affair, and had planned to carry out the murder in a bid to enable the two of them to continue their relationship unhindered.

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