The old ‘New Bridge’ requires work, according to Sligo Borough Council, the “New Bridge” as it is traditionally known, which is situated on Bridge Street, was built in 1648 to replace its predecessor which is thought to have replaced the original bridge built in 1188.

It is understood that the existing 1648 bridge, which was widened in the 18th century, is suffering from “local scour“, a condition which can cause undermining of a bridges foundations.

Gary Salter, Senior Executive engineer with Sligo County Council, who is involved with inspecting and maintaining the bridges within the county, recently carried out an inspection on the bridge – which is also occasionally called Markievicz Bridge.

Some remedial work to prevent scour and undermining of the foundations was carried out during the last century to the new bridge, but it is now showing signs of wear.

Although only at the survey stage, the local authority are considering applying to the Department of Heritage and Local Government for funding to carry repairs in the medium term. However, based on a priority list, other bridges may require remedial works in advance of this one.

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