Proposals to build a chapel for the growing protestant population in March 1817, the result of which is The Calry Church (co-ordinates 54.27260 -8.46725).

Construction of The Calry Church and a Glebe House was carried out by the local building contractor John Lynn.

The Calry Church was constructed to a plain Gothic style with a tower and a lovely spire commands a demanding position on a height overlooking the flowing waters of the nearby Garavogue River.

The stones used in the construction of the church was quarried on the spot, which would explain the somewhat low cost of £5,246.15s for the building works, of which £823.00 was raised by subscription and by the sale of pews.

After the church was consecrated in June 1824, its first Curate was the Rev William Armstrong, who ministered until his death in March 1840 at the age of 46.

There are a number of vaults beneath the church which had remained virtually unused since the construction in 1824, until renovation works were carried out in recent years, when the vaults were finally put to use.

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