Road Works Ahead

What in God’s name are Sligo Corporation doing, as far as I can see, they’re doing their utmost to make driving around Sligo Town as awkward as possible.

The latest scheme involves a contractor digging up the centre of Duck Street adjacent to the junction with Barrack Street and constructing a raised island across the road, totally blocking motorists from turning right out of Barrack Street onto Duck Street and blocking anyone joining Duck Street from the N15 Sligo to Bundoran Road from turning right from Duck Street onto Barrack Street.

This ill thought, mindless scheme, makes for an extra-long journey for anyone from the Cartron or North-West of Sligo Town area, wishing to visit the Primary Care Centre or Markievicz House.

In addition to this idiotic scheme, we also have road works in Gratten Street, Market Street and on upper Pearse Road. All major thoroughfares with high volumes of traffic and all during the busiest weeks of the year in the build up to Christmas.

Surely these schemes, if absolutely essential, which in my opinion some are just schemes to spend money rather than lose their entitlement to that money, these schemes could be carried out at far more a more appropriate time of the year and NOT when the towns streets are full of heavily-laden Christmas shoppers are motorists trying to find a parking space.

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