Sligo Town‘s only public toilet has been lanquising in a warehouse, 135 miles away in Dublin, for over twenty years, because members of Sligo Borough Council simply cannot make up their minds where to put it.

And after numerous meetings over the past two decades, Sligo‘s first automatic public toilet is still not available to the towns public or its visitors.

A number of locations for the superloo have been voted on by Sligo‘s councillors, though each and every one of the suggested locations has been poo poo-ed so to speak.

There are plenty of suitable locations for the public toilet in Sligo town, For instance, in the Wine street car park, the Stephen street car park, outside the Town Hall or outside the Tourist Office opposite the post office where there is currently a small raised flowerbed. Why any of these locations cannot be used is a mystery.

The sad irony of this whole sad saga is that, whilst the towns inhabitants and visitors have nowhere to spend a penny, we (the taxpayers) have in fact forked out over €160,000 in rental and storage fee’s for the Automated Public Convenience, which no one can use.

I think its a disgrace, that a town the size of Sligo, which is actively seeking to attract tourists to travel here from other parts of Ireland as well as from overseas, cannot even provide the most basic of requirements for these visitors.

So if you are visiting Sligo, go to the loo before you get here, because Sligo aren’t in a position to take the p***.

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