Sligo Town‘s early morning Street Sweeping Operation, which is run by Sligo Borough Council has fallen far below acceptable standards for a town which depends so much on attracting and impressing a large number of visiting tourists.

As our photograph clearly shows, (photographed on Sunday May 15th 2011), numerous items of discarded rubbish.

Newspapers, cardboard coffee cups, cable ties and random pieces of paper can clearly be seen lying on the side of Quay Street less than 2 minutes after the Sligo Borough Council operated Street Sweeping lorry had supposedly swept the street.

The Street Sweeping personnel seem to place a far greater importance in having long stand-up conversations with everybody they meet throughout the town, rather than doing their job properly.

The blowing machines used by Sligo Borough Council only appear to blow away the larger pieces of rubbish, leaving numerous smaller pieces of rubbish, cigarette butts and chewing gum unmoved.

In Sligo Town where we depend so much on visiting tourists, and where we are struggling hard to attract them in the present economic climate, shouldn’t Sligo Borough Council and its employee’s show a bit more interest in the image they portray to visitors to Sligo Town.

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