On May 23rd this year (2014), the local elections will herald the end of an era in the long history of Sligo Town, culminating in the Borough Council being abolished.

Drastic changes will take place, the Borough Boundary will cease to exist. The Borough crest will no longer exist, things which local people see on a daily basis and which we more or less take for granted. Things which have existed for several hundred years.

However, there are certain things which won’t disappear, which will still exist as an entity, and these are the bricks and mortar elements, the buildings which belong to Sligo Borough Council.

Sligo Town Hall. This beautiful building, one of the main focal points of Sligo Town, will still exist, though it will no longer be occupied as a civic building, and its become a bit of a problem trying to find a suitable future use for it.

Many people have put forward the proposal that the building should be used to house the Sligo Central and Reference Library, its proposal is a very good one, however, I think the Sligo Museum should be co-located with the same building.

The co-location of the Library and the Museum would be very suitable arrangement, especially when you bear in mind that some of the foundations of a Cromwellian Stone Fort dating back to 1646, still exists within the Town Hall building.

The upstairs area could also have a space set aside for travelling art or sculpture exhibitions, public lectures, or as a performing arts hall.

The variety of uses is only limited by a persons imagination.

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